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Son Of The Mask

Doctor Arthur Neuman is giving a tour of the hall of Norse mythology in Edge City's local museum. Neuman mentions that Loki, the God of Mischief, created the mask and unleashed it on Earth to spread chaos among mankind, and that those who wear it are granted his powers. When Neuman mentions Loki's imprisonment at his father Odin's hands, a stranger becomes furious and transforms, revealing himself to be Loki. The tourists panic and flee, but Neuman stays to argue with Loki, who takes the mask in the display case, only to realize it is a replica. In anger, he removes Neuman's face and puts it in the case, disposes of the arriving authorities, and storms out of the museum.

Son of the Mask

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In Fringe City, the real mask is found in a river by a dog named Otis, who belongs to Tim Avery. An aspiring animator, Tim is reluctant to accept parenthood with his wife, Tonya. On a tropical island, Loki is relaxing until Odin orders him to resume the search for the mask, believing it has caused too much chaos for mankind. Loki asks his father for help, but Odin says that he has to take responsibility for his actions. Tim puts on the mask for his studio's Halloween party, and becomes a green-faced party animal who can magically alter his surroundings. When the party turns out to be a bore, Tim uses his newfound powers to perform a remix of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", invigorating the event and giving Tim's boss, Daniel Moss, the inspiration for a new cartoon.

That night, Tim returns to his house and has sex with Tonya, while still wearing the mask. A baby is conceived, and is born with the same powers as the mask, which alerts Odin. Possessing a store clerk, Odin informs Loki and tells him that if he finds the child, he will find the mask. Months later, Tonya goes on a business trip, leaving Tim with their son Alvey. Tim, now promoted, desperately tries to work on his cartoon at home, but is continuously disrupted by Alvey. To get some peace and quiet, Tim lets Alvey watch various cartoons on television, which inspire Alvey to torment his father using his powers. Otis, who has been feeling neglected by Tim, accidentally dons the mask, gains its power, and tries to get rid of Alvey, but his attempts are foiled by the craftier infant.

Leaving a trail of mayhem in his wake, Loki finds Alvey and confronts Tim for the mask, but Alvey uses his powers to protect his father. Odin, possessing Tim's body, scolds Loki's destructive approach and strips him of his powers. Tim is later fired after failing to impress Moss during a pitch but reconciles and bonds with Alvey. Loki, determined to please his father, sneaks into the Avery household and completes a summoning ritual and appeals to Odin to restore his powers. Odin agrees, but only for a limited time, stating this is his last chance.

Loki kidnaps Alvey in exchange for the mask. Tonya returns home and goes with Tim and Otis, to whom Tim had apologized for his negligence, to make the exchange. Loki decides to keep Alvey despite the exchange, forcing the group to chase after them as Tim becomes the Mask once more. The subsequent confrontation is relatively evenly matched, prompting Loki to halt the fight, suggesting they let Alvey decide who to be with. Although Loki tries to lure Alvey to him with promises of fun, Tim takes the mask off and convinces his son to choose him. Enraged, Loki tries to kill Tim, but his time runs out and Odin appears in person, again scolding Loki for his failure. Tim, however, feels sympathy for Loki and reminds Odin that regardless of their problems, they are still family. Odin reconciles with Loki, and the duo returns home.

Ben Stein reprises his role as Dr. Arthur Neuman from the original film, re-establishing the relationship between the mask and its creator, Loki. He is the only actor to appear in both films as well as in The Mask cartoon series. The dog's name, Otis, connects with the dog from the original film and comic book, Milo, as a reference to The Adventures of Milo and Otis. The naming of the Avery family pays homage to Tex Avery as its patriarch and the film's protagonist, Tim Avery, wants to be a cartoonist.

Jim Schembri of The Sydney Morning Herald was more positive, saying that the film was "a bright, fast, kiddie-oriented lark with US TV comic Jamie Kennedy doing well as the beneficiary of the magical mask that turns anyone who wears it into a dazzling display of computer-animated effects."[20]

Parents need to know that Son of the Mask is a 2005 movie in which Jamie Kennedy plays an animator who finds a mask with chaotic powers. There's a lot of comic violence, including hits to the crotch that are supposed to be funny. There's also some mild sexual material, including discussion of wanting (or not wanting) to have a baby, and the central plot point is based on Tonya getting pregnant while Tim is wearing the mask. Tonya jokes that she's going to make a baby with the neighbor. There's some vulgar humor, including potty jokes. After The Mask has sex with Tonya, green animated cartoon sperm are shown swimming to Tonya's egg. In a parody of Warner Brothers cartoons, the baby is shot out of a cannon lit by dynamite. In a parody of The Exorcist, the baby spins 360 degrees before spewing a torrent of green vomit.

In this sequel, would-be animator Tim (Jamie Kennedy) lives with his wife Tonya (Traylor Howard) in a cartoony-looking little house. She wants a baby, but he's not ready. On his way to the office Halloween party, Tim finds the magic mask from the first film and decides to wear it, unaware it will unleash his hidden desires and remove all his inhibitions. Tim impresses the partygoers with his wild behavior -- everyone thinks he's testing out a new cartoon character. Back home, he's now willing to help his wife conceive. Nine months later, the baby is born with some of the mask's powers because Tim had the mask on when the baby was conceived. This comes to the attention of Loki (Alan Cummings), the Norse god of mischief and the mask's original owner. His father, Odin, orders him to get it back, so Loki begins checking out every baby born on Tim's baby's birthday. Tim is also hunting for the mask. He's unaware of his baby's unusual abilities; he needs the mask back to finish creating a new cartoon character. Tonya leaves town on a business trip, and Tim's on full-time daddy duty, just as the baby's transformational powers really start to take over and Loki finds what he was looking for. The movie then gets turned over to the special effects department for some cartoonish fun.

Which brings us to "Son of the Mask," and its violations of this theory. The movie's premise is that if you wear a magical ancient mask, it will cause you to behave in strange ways. Good enough, and in Jim Carrey's original "The Mask" (1994), the premise worked. Carrey's elastic face was stretched into a caricature, he gained incredible powers, he exhausted himself with manic energy. But there were rules. There was a baseline of sanity from which the mania proceeded. "Son of the Mask" lacks a baseline. It is all mania, all the time; the behavior in the movie is not inappropriate, shocking, out of character, impolite, or anything else except behavior.

The premise in "Son of the Mask" is that an ancient mask, found in the earlier movie, has gone missing again. It washes up on the banks of a little stream, and is fetched by Otis the Dog, who brings it home to the Avery household, where we find Tim and his wife Tonya (Traylor Howard). Otis snuffles around at the Mask until it attaches itself to his face, after which he is transformed into a cartoon dog and careens wildly around the yard and the sky, to his alarm. Eventually Tim puts on the Mask, and is transformed into a whiz kid at his advertising agency, able to create brilliant campaigns in a single bound.

Long ago, Loki created a mask to grant his powers to those who wear it under his plan to spread chaos across mankind. But after being punished by his father Odin, believing he caused too much chaos, Loki is ordered to reclaim the mask. At the Edge City museum, Loki disguises himself as a tourist on Doctor Arthur Neuman's tour. When he spots the mask on display, Loki becomes infuriated when Neuman mentions the punishment and snatches the mask, only to discover it was a replica. Loki then rips off Neuman's face and places it within the display case before fleeing in a whirlwind.

The actual mask would be found by Tim Avery after it was retrieved from a river by his dog Otis. In order to get his mask back, Loki kidnaps Alvey, Tim's son, and tried to bargain within the hour. When Tim tried to give Loki the mask, he grew attached to Alvey. Tim puts on the mask and fights Loki. But since they were evenly matched, Loki decided that they should let Alvey decide. Alvey was about to choose Loki, however, Tim took off the mask and Alvey decided Tim.

When Loki's father Odin discovered Loki's failure, he comes and start coldly insulting him and threatening to banish him. Tim, who can't help but feel sympathy for Loki, then decided to give Loki the mask, and he returns to Asgard along with his father Odin.

(Meanwhile, the real mask makes its way to Fringe City and is found in a river by a dog named Otis, who belongs to Tim Avery, an aspiring animator at an animation studio, who is reluctant to accept parenthood with his wife, Tonya)

(NC shrugs with great confusion. As NC continues to speak, we are shown the ensuing sequences of Otis, who has been feeling neglected by Tim because of Alvey, donning the mask by accident. When Otis wears the mask, he becomes a devious version of himself who attempts to use his new powers to try and get rid of Alvey, but all of his attempts are foiled by the much craftier infant)

(The three streams of pee stop...only to now have one BIG gush of pee hit Tim. Cue "A FAMILY Picture!" again. Eventually, Loki, after searching from home to home for the baby and leaving a trail of mayhem in his wake, finds Alvey and confronts Tim for the mask back at an alley) 041b061a72


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